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Mortgage Calculator Code - Part 4, Canadian mortgage calculations - 1

Mortgage calculator code

Part 4
Canadian mortgage calculator - 1

In the third installment of our explanation of this Mortgage calculator code series, we finished by saying that the mortgage formula had 2 parts, the first part was to set the Interest Rate (IntRate)

IntRate = AnnualIntRate / PPay

And the second part was to do the actual mortgage calculations:

Pa = (PrValue * IntRate) / (1 - Math.pow(1 + IntRate, -(Period * PPay)))


Canadian JavaScript mortgage calculator code

The Canadian mortgages are compounded semi-annually while the US mortgages are compounded monthly. The basic mortgage formula is the same as the previous formula (see part 2), but the interest rate has to be adjusted:

IntRate = Math.pow((1+AnnualIntRate/2),(2/12)) - 1

and then we finish the process with the basic mortgage formula:

Pa = (PrValue * IntRate) / (1 - Math.pow(1 + IntRate, -Period))

This is fine for annual payments, but what about monthly or bi-monthly payments?

Let's find out in our next topic: Canadian JavaScript mortgage formula - part 2


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